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penipuan sains modern teatang gerhana bulan selenelion

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gerhana bulan blaku , di mana bulan dan matahari masing2 masih kelihatan di waktu siang (above the horizon) sebelum mln .



bumi bulan matahari bukan dalam satu garis lurus , tak mungkin blaku ini .  tapi ini yg blaku .

gerhana bulan selenelion - terjadi bukan disebabkan oleh bayangan bumi

perkara pertama - refraction atmosphere akan yebabkan matahari bend ke bawah , bukan bend ke atas ( admin belum sah teori ini )

ikut maklumat yg admin cari dari buku Zetetic Astronomy, by 'Parallax' (pseud. Samuel Birley Rowbotham), tahun  1881

gerhana bulan yg pelik ini blaku byk kali , spt berikut

July, 1870February 27th, 1858
17th of January, 1870March 19th, 1848  
20th of April, 1837   
19th of July, 1750 , paris
20th of September, 1717
May 26th, 1668
June 16th, 1666
November 3rd, 1648
July 17th, 1590

dari buku ini juga , dia kata refraction atmosphere yg yebabkan gerhana pelik ini , tak masuk akal , dan tidak benar . dia beri juga contoh experiment

The only explanation which has been given of this phenomenon is the refraction caused by the earth's atmosphere. This, at first sight, is a plausible and fairly satisfactory solution;
but on carefully examining the subject, it is found to be utterly inadequate; and those who have recourse to it cannot be aware that
the refraction of an object and that of a shadow are in opposite directions. An object by refraction is bent upwards; but the shadow of

any object is bent downwards
, as will be seen by the following very simple experiment. Take a plain white shallow basin, and place it ten or twelve inches from a light in such
a position that the shadow of the edge of the basin touches the centre of the bottom. Hold a rod vertically over and on the edge of the shadow, to denote its true position.
Now let water be gradually poured into the basin, and the shadow will be seen to recede or shorten inwards and downwards; but if a rod or a spoon is allowed to rest,
with its upper end towards the light, and the lower end in the bottom of the vessel, it will be seen, as the water is poured in, to bend upwards--thus proving that if refraction operated at all,
it would do so by elevating the moon above its true position, and throwing the earth's shadow downwards, or directly away from the moon's surface. Hence it is clear that a lunar eclipse by a shadow of the earth is an utter impossibility.

lihat video bawah

perkara kedua - pakar2 boleh ramal bila , mana blaku gerhana gerhana bulan selenelion ?????

bolehkah mereka tepat2 tahu bila , mana terjadi  gerhana ini ?

Ya , boleh , lihat video bawah ,


Just after 8am on Saturday, some Kiwis will have what could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness a rare celestial event: The Sun and an eclipsed Moon in the sky at the same time.

jika boleh , maknanya pakar2 tipu kami gerhana ini blaku krn refraction atmosphere .

jika benar sebabkan refraction atmosphere , ia tak mungkin tahu bila dan mana dapat lihat terjadian ini .

krn refraction atmosphere berubah2 ikut keadaan ,  

kalau disebabkan oleh refraction atmosphere , setiap kali blaku gerhana bulan , mesti ada tempat blakunya gerhana bulan selenelion .

tapi ini tidak blaku .

gambar atas itu , once-in-a-lifetime , peluang utk lihat terjadi istimewa itu .

nampak ? mereka tahu gerhana bulan kali ini akan blaku gerhana bulan selenelion . ia ada pattern , boleh ramal . tapi ,bukan ramal dgn teori sains modern .

sains modern bohong lagi . kami kena tipu lagi .


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